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1 Trait Danger - World Tour (Physical Release) 4GB Flash Drives


PLEASE NOTE: While most orders go out in a relatively timely fashion, sometimes orders may take 1-2 weeks to ship. This merch store is managed by Car Seat Headrest and their (1) merch person-- not a giant company! Please bear with us during any shipping delays, human errors, or USPS screw ups. You can e-mail with any questions / comments / concerns at CarSeatMerch@Gmail.com.

1 Trait Danger’s long awaited second album, 1 Trait World Tour as well as the critically acclaimed video game, “Cossett’s World” from DirtPlug Studios.

You’ll receive:

1TD's second flash drive contains the following:
- 4GB World Tour Flash Drive
- 1 Trait World Tour
- Cossett’s World (containing many hours of exciting adventure as well as some secrets to be found)
- Developer Notes for Cossett's World

Note: The band worked really hard on these. Please refrain from spreading these files to those who did not purchase a flash drive or it’s contents. If you want to collaborate with friends, please have them buy one!


Special shoutout to Valentina Debogović for designing the 1TD shirt, and for being a wonderful human being. <3