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Die Cut Stickers


*We will do our best to ensure all orders go out in time to be received by the holidays! We cannot guarantee anything- especially for orders places after December 20th, 2020.

A ton of assorted stickers! Take your pick! Write in the notes of the order if you have a preference!

How To Leave Town watercolor design by Ellie Smith.
Car Seat Headrest band drawing by @shitty.pen.art
Twin Fantasy Antlers by Valentina
Thanks to you all for letting us use your beautiful art!

  • Will 82%
  • Andrew 99%
  • Ethan 100%
  • Seth 100%
  • Twin Fantasy 35%
  • Random Sticker - Unpictured 95%
  • Pack of 5 80%
  • SHIPPING WITH TRACKING CODE *this does not come with a sticker- this is addional if you want tracking with a sticker order. 100%