• When will my order ship?
This merch store is ran by 1 person. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to ship. You can e-mail with any questions / comments / concerns at [email protected]. You can e-mail with any questions / comments / concerns at [email protected].

• I got an email saying my order shipped, but tracking hasn't updated.
Again, it may take a bit for me to get your order to USPS! The reason you got an email with tracking info is because I have printed your label and am working on packaging your order and sending it out. It will start tracking soon, I promise! Just be patient with me. :)

• Will I get a tracking code?
Yes, all orders will come with a tracking code, unless you are ordering regular stickers. Those will just be shipped using a stamp. There is an option to update to tracked shipping on the product page. Your tracking code will come in a separate e-mail once your order ships. For some reason, international orders don't receive a tracking code in that e-mail, but I can provide one if you e-mail me!

• Can I cancel my order?
For order cancellation requests, please email [email protected]. Please note, there is a $3 fee for order cancellations.

• Do you ship internationally, and how long will it take to arrive?
Yes! We ship anywhere that USPS will go, even outside of the country. International orders DO take longer to arrive- USPS estimates it can take up to 10 weeks after your order ships to arrive overseas. With coronavirus still happening, it may take longer than normal.

• Will _______ (insert out of stock / limited stock item here) ever be restocked?
Probably? At some point? I don't really know! If it's out of stock and has been for a while, then it's out of stock for a reason! We like to move around our stock and change up our designs so that way we don't get bored of the same old stuff. Keep checking back! I don't know!

Do you have any other questions? E-mail Emily at [email protected]

Take note: If you have something against dooooooooogs, do not order this item. This comes from a dog loving household, so your product may have a few dog hairs on it.